Jelinek declined to comment when reached by NJ

Set WeatherThe state Division of Fish and Wildlife trapped and killed the suspected problem bear on Tuesday in West Milford, the New Jersey Department of wholesale nfl jerseys from china Environmental Protection said in a statement.The DEP believes the bear, which had entered multiple homes in the past week, was the same one that attacked a man in his garage on July 24. Cheap Jerseys free shipping Jelinek, who lives in the High Crest Lake section of West Milford, was reportedly attacked when he walked in on the bear trying to get into a refrigerator.Jelinek declined to comment when reached by NJ Advance Media.This is the only bear attack recorded so far in 2020. It is extremely rare that black bears attack humans.New Jersey didn’t have a recorded fatal bear attack on a person until 2014, when 22 year old Darsh Patel, a Rutgers student and Edison native, was killed by a black bear while hiking with friends in the Apshawa Preserve, which is also in West Milford.

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wholesale jerseys He on his way to Florida as the Sunshine State finds itself as a hotspot for the novel coronavirus outbreak. On Saturday morning, the Miami Herald reported 9,585 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Florida in the previous 24 hour period, breaking the state single day record of 8,942 set on Friday. With racial tensions at the forefront, and he the son of an Asian father and a Black mother. wholesale jerseys

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